8 Tips For Crane Rental Pittsburgh PA

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Crane rental needs depend on the job required, whether it’s loading and unloading or freight, construction, or assembling heaving equipment. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cranes. In fact, cranes can vary widely, from mounted cranes that can be transported to the site via roads and rough terrains, to floater cranes that can lift loads off boats and crawler cranes that can travel while carrying a load.


Our Crane Rental Pittsburgh PA Service provides you with a variety of cranes of different types and sizes as follows:

Truck Cranes

A truck crane is mounted on a vehicle, which allows the crane to be easily transported to and from the worksite. On site, the rigging stabilizers usually extend horizontally from the out-board chassis, and these can be vertically adjusted in order to keep the crane and its load stable, and be suitable for the terrain.

Rough terrain Crane

Rough-terrain cranes are mounted on a flatbed undercarriage, and are run by an engine that moves the vehicle as well. These cranes are mostly used for rough-terrain, or off-road pick and carry purposes. Just as with the truck cranes, the rough terrain cranes carry a crane rigging system that stabilizes the machine on uneven ground and hillsides.

All terrain Cranes

These cranes combine the onsite, rough-terrain mobility with the ability to use highways and tarmac roads. Most have 4 or 5 axles with all-wheel drive, allowing them to be used for pick-and-carry operations of heavy loads.

Renting a Crane in Pittsburgh PA is relatively straightforward, provided you know what you’re doing and follow the right steps. Otherwise, it can be quite confusing and costly if you choose the wrong Crane Rental Pittsburgh PA Service. Plus, there many parties involved and lots of planning to do, meaning there’s a lot that can go wrong. Below, is a rundown of crane rental tips, to help you find a stress-free rental service.

  1. Think Through What your Project Entails

You can do this in two parts. Find out exactly what is going to be needed on the site, and find out what you need for a successful rental. And since you’re already here, good work on the latter step! Keep in mind that when you rent a crane, you don’t need the crane alone, you also want a rigger. Riggers fasten the chains, straps, and cable, and ideally execute the “lift” part. Based on the job, the rigger may also perform other duties.

When hiring a rigger, you need to know what’s needed on your part, and communicate that as clearly as possible to let the rigger determine whether you need more crew. It’s very important to have the right people, in terms of skills and number for the job. In most cases, it’s best to get a rigger before getting the crane. They will help steer the project in the right direction from the start, and have a better sense of what kind of crane is perfect for your project.


  1. Get Competitive Bids

Being ahead of the game and knowing what you need will get you more time to look for competitive bids. Keep in mind that expenses can add up really fast when renting a crane. Fortunately, you can save a lot of money by speaking to as many companies as possible. While talking to the crane rental companies, provide them with lots of information, and invite them for a site visit. Their expert knowledge can be an asset.

  1. Booking Far in Advance

Ensure that you do your best to make yourself a priority for the crane rental company, by doing your booking in advance. This will avoid a situation where you call and find out that the crane is not available that day, or run into a scheduling mishap at a time you need the crane most.

  1. Involve the Facility Team

When it comes to making your operation smooth, your facilities crew are some of the most crucial allies. They will block off the area, and will inform you in case there are some potential union issues that can affect your project. Some of the obstacles you can encounter you have probably not thought of.

  1. Work with Working Hours

Make sure that the whole “pick” is scheduled in the normal working hours. This could save you a lot of money on both the hiring (rigger) and on the facility. Off hours can increase the budget by a significant amount.

  1. Coordinate the Transportation

It’s good to tightly coordinate the transport of equipment, and to be aware of where everyone is at any one time. Make sure that you are the point of contact. The crane, equipment being hoisted, crew, and the rest of the equipment needs to arrive in a coordinated bliss. 

  1. Get the Necessary Permission

Be sure to check what the provisions are in Pittsburgh, PA for the nature of your project and the use of cranes. In case you need to block a road or sidewalk, this is very important. And although you know what you need for your project, making the phone call to your crane rental Pittsburgh PA Service will be worth it. Wouldn’t you rather take the 10 minutes now and avoid getting fined and shut down? 

  1. Prepare the Site

Now that you have had the crew involved in the process and you’re coordinating the deliveries, the next step is to prep the site in readiness for the lift. If there are walls, doors, or windows that need to be removed, have it done early enough. Most riggers in don’t do this in most of the cases, and it’s the responsibility of your operation team.



Communication is very important in the whole process. It’s much better to be the annoying client who’s always asking questions rather than the annoying client that failed to give out important information and now needs a favor.

This entails being aware of all the aspects of your projects that are not listed in the article. For example, if you want a grand piano lifted into your apartment, ensure that the people who will be assembling it are aware when the lift is scheduled for. If you are ready to play the piano immediately afterwards, let your tuner know. If it’s an air conditioning unit, ensure that your HVAC service is involved.

If you’re looking for a Crane Rental Pittsburgh PA Service right away, you only need to remember these tips and you will be on your way towards a stress-free crane rental. If you have any other questions about crane rental service, don’t hesitate to contact us.