A Guide To Evaluate Contractors Crane Service PA Providers

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When looking for a contractor’s Crane Service in Pennsylvania, how would you go about determining which service is most suitable for your needs? In this guide, we’ll look at the important guidelines to consider to help you choose the right crane service. Use this guide as a reference tool as you evaluate the various Contractors Crane Service PA providers.

  1. Check their Reputation

In some markets, newer contractor services are better. However, if you are looking for a professional crane service with a solid reputation, the companies with the most experience are usually regarded as the most reliable option. An already established crane service usually has a number of important strengths, which you can rely on as a customer, such as technical and inventory support to make sure that the job is done properly.

  1. Evaluate their Availability

If you have a longer-term project with a flexible timeframe, or your project requires emergency or immediate service, checking the availability of the contractors is crucial. Keep in mind that not all companies provide both forms of services, and this alone can help you to keep you list short and relevant.

  1. Check Proof of Insurance

The contractors crane service PA should prove to you that they are covered by a reputable insurance company, and they should avail the proof upon your request. No one would recommend you to risk working with a company that doesn’t have full coverage insurance. Accident do happen, and they can cause a significant amount of damages in the event of an accident. Without insurance, then they wouldn’t provide any compensation for the damages.

  1. Make Sure the Company is Aware of all the Permits Required in the Area

Each state, including Pennsylvania has its own laws regarding crane operation, especially when it comes to the open/public spaces. Since most cranes are highly visible, it’s highly likely that the local officials will ask to see the permits and proper qualifications to conduct the project.

As such, the crane service provider should be well versed in the local PA laws (or your area), and they should be able to offer guidance through the necessary steps. This helps to ensure the project is executed in the most professional and safest manner possible, and avoid the possible fines and hazards.

  1. What Service(s) Do You Need?

If you have a qualified crane operator, you can save some money by just renting the crane you need for your job instead of paying extra money for a full-service contractor service with their own operator.

  1. What Kind of Crane Do You Need?

The three main categories include:

  • Hydraulic cranes: Used for heavy lifting projects, and are typically named based on how much weight they can handle.
  • Forklifts: These are perfect for the smaller jobs, mostly to move heavy objects indoors.
  • Crawler Cranes: these can move more freely with their loads, and typically require minimal setup. They can carry loads of up to a few thousands of tons.

  1. Operator’s Certification Standards

Different crane companies have different training requirements for their crane operators. The contractor should be able to show you their staff’s credentials on request.

  1. Evaluate the Equipment

Make sure that their equipment is well maintained and regularly inspected. Any reputable and reliable crane service should have the records for their routine maintenance inspections. This way, you will know that you’re paying for a machinery that can efficiently and safely perform the tasks at hand.

  1. Customer Service

Just like with any other service or product, the value of customer service cannot be underestimated. In case you feel that the contractors crane service PA is not giving you the care and attention you need from their customer service representatives, how would you know if you can trust their service? Any reliable company values all their clients, and it’s easy to show.

  1. Find a Good Price

Crane service contractors should provide you with a free quote for the whole project. To get the best deal, compare the figures with other companies, so that you are charged fairly and save a few bucks. Don’t forget that a better service usually comes at a price, so there are times that a higher price is well worth it.

How to Save Some Money When Looking for a Crane Company

One of the most important things you need to remember is that the crane contractor service will charge based on the amount of time required to finish a job. This means that there are some things you can do to prepare for their arrival, to reduce the time required for the job and lower your bill when the task is finished.

  • Have the items that you need lifted placed in areas that are easily accessible by the crane. Make sure that these items are not placed under trees, powerlines, or other sheltered areas. This step will also save the contractor a lot of time.

  • Setup the space and plan for adequate parking for the crane before they arrive. This will ensure the crane setup time is a lot faster. For reference, the standard boom truck requires about 26 ft. wide area that’s about 36 ft. long.
  • If you only want to move a large item, it would help if you slightly lift it up onto blocks, to make the crane rigging is much easier and quicker to attach to the object.
  • Create an efficient sequence for lifting if you need to move multiple loads using the crane. This ensures that you can direct the operator quickly and more efficiently, to minimize idling times. When the operator is left to decide the lifting sequence by themselves, the job could take much longer since they need to evaluate the onsite needs of the task.
  • Don’t forget that the setup and teardown of the crane service might require more time than the actual job. Remaining on hand can minimize this time considerably, by assisting the operator during the initial setup and helping them to tears it down when the task is complete.

Getting a cost estimate and an onsite survey from a contractors crane service PA provider beforehand is critical. Most of the crane companies offer an initial quote for free. If you forget this vital step, you should expect being billed for transporting the crane to a site where real work cannot be performed.