Choose the reliability of JLG telescopic booms and articulating booms, Snorkel telescopic boom lifts, Genie telescopic and articulating booms and man lifts at American Contractors Equipment, serving Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Man Lifts

  • JLG Telescopic Booms

    You need to get your work done -- now. That’s why you have lift equipment in the first place. And that’s why more people rely on JLG than anyone else. JLG is up and running, always, with plenty of products, services, parts, and technical support. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you’re working JLG has your back. Nothing stops us from making sure you have the safest, most reliable and best performing equipment possible.

    • 400S
    • 600S
    • 660SJ
    • 800S
    • 860SJ
    • 1200JP
    • 1350SJP
  • Snorkel Telescopic Boom Lifts

    Weight-saving aluminum booms, powerful engines and high torque drive motors combine to produce a high power-to-weight ratio for negotiating all types of jobsite conditions. Their long list of built in safety, quality and operator comfort features makes these Snorkel machines dependable performers in any construction or industrial operation. We offer 14 machines in this range:

    • TB-42
    • TB-47J
    • TB-60
    • TB-85JFA
    • TB-120
    • TB-126J
  • Snorkel Articulating Boom Lifts

    The Snorkel articulating boom lifts feature an articulating riser boom for up and over capabilities, a telescoping main boom for horizontal or vertical reach, and an articulating jib boom for additional up, over, out and down reach.

    • ATB42
    • AB50J
    • AB60J
    • AB85RJ
  • JLG Articulating Booms

    JLG combustion-powered booms get you into position quickly and efficiently for optimum productivity. They offer exceptional reach, high capacity, versatile performance, and easy maintenance.

    • 450A
    • 600A
    • 800A
    • 1250AJP
    • 150HAX
  • JLG Electric Articulating Booms

    Think ORANGE to stay GREEN. Today, more people are demanding environmentally friendly equipment. JLG has a line of electric boom lifts to help your job site stay clean and green. You can go up to 60 feet, and still not have emissions or loud engines.

    • E300
    • E400
    • E450
    • E600