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What types of machines do you have repair parts for?

ACEC provides parts on extend reach forklifts, boom lifts, forklifts, cranes, boom trucks, and more.



What are the specific brand machines you are able to provide parts for?

Tadano, Elliot, JLG, Lull, Skytrak, Skyjack, Manitex, Terex, and Mantis.



Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes! We sell replacement parts for engines, forks, tires, and more.



What is the delivery time on parts?

Standard shipping and overnight and dropship to your site is available. Picking up at ACEC also available.



How often should my crane be inspected?

Once a year is the minimum requirement for inspections. You should have your crane inspected by a qualified specialist. Here at ACEC, we offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspections.

For more information about OSHA inspections, check out our service page.



What are the main components of a crane?

Undercarriage, engine, operator’s cabin, and boom/telescopic boom.



What are the most common repairs on cranes?

Broken chain links, worn pads, rusted parts, bent hooks, dry ropes, and cracked/loose parts.



What information should I have when ordering new or replacement parts?

Make sure you have the serial and model number, or at the very least know what it is attached to. We recommend pictures as well.


  • Our top priority is making sure you have access to the parts you need to keep your equipment up and running. We have an extensive inventory of high-quality parts on site. We can assess, resolve, and even deliver right to your site.
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime and quickly repair the equipment that is vital to your operations.
  • We provide complete repairs and regular maintenance on all terrain, truck, rough terrain or crawler cranes. We have the most reliable, affordable parts in stock.
  • Contact us for all your boom truck, telehandler, boom lift and scissor lift parts needs.