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All Equipment. Any Part. Any Time.

Maintain your cranes with minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

Why choose ACEC?

ACEC will ensure that you meet all OSHA inspection requirements. Additionally, we will help you keep your project on schedule and under budget. When you work with our Parts and Service department, you get:

Emergency Repairs

On-the-spot repair of your crane. Our team comes to you and gets to the bottom of the problem fast.

Preventative Maintenance

We send out warranty expiration alerts so you can schedule repairs and upgrades to reduce your expenses.


If we can’t be at your site in person, our technicians are there to support your mechanics and operators.

Customized Upgrades

Ensure peak performance with upgrades for mountings, structural repairs, and other enhancements.

Specialized Repairs

Standard or specialized repair, plus comprehensive parts replacement for all industrial lift and crane equipment.

Quality Machine Rebuilds

Extend the life of your equipment by rebuilding engines, transmissions, hydraulic pumps, and more.

Hire A Certified Crane Operator

Equipment operations that are in compliance with industry standards are a top priority for every customer. ACEC’s licensed and experienced operators help our customers with all the heavy lifting and repositioning necessary to complete a job. Our operators are knowledgeable about the safety of your equipment, as well as the importance of timely project completion.
Our certified crane rental operators have completed professional operator safety training and OSHA and ANSI compliant training programs on safe operating procedures.
Whether it is your crane or ours call ACEC today for an evaluation, quote and scheduling an operator today!

Troubleshooting your machine

Error codes, engine lights or other mechanical issues on your crane can challenge any project. Our parts and service specialists are here to assist in troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment.
Our experts will identify the problem and walk you through our best practice solutions by performing all necessary functions tests. We will also recommend or order parts and/or additional service that you may need to get your equipment back up and running!

The ACEC team can save you the hassle, time, and money from slowing your job down.

We service:

Crane Companies Serviced By American Contractors

And many more...

Annual OSHA Inspections

ACEC provides annual OSHA inspections, either on-site or in-shop. The safety of your crew is always top priority. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure your equipment complies with OSHA safety regulations and any manufacturer specifications.

Every time your equipment is inspected, we create reports for you. These Inspection Reports come with a standard industry report and a detailed inspection report. Our program conforms to ANSI/SIA STD A92.6, Section 6.3, which outlines the responsibilities of equipment owners. 

Our inspectors will give you a detailed list of items that require servicing or replacement in order to meet OSHA and ANSI standards.