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Category: Articulating Boom Lifts

An articulating boom lift is a type of aerial work platform with hinging joints in the arm. The joints allow the operator of the lift to reach across obstacles and barriers. Further, these lifts can move vertically and horizontally in tight spaces. Because of the arrangement of the joints in the arm, they have less horizontal reach, but greater vertical reach. As a result, they can get to those high, out-of-reach places most other machines cannot access. Keep in mind that only one person should stand on the lift’s platform at a time, for safety reasons.

Articulating boom lifts are best for jobs in which:

  • The work site is narrow, confined, or high up
  • Obstacles prevent you from accessing the work site properly
  • Your work site is indoors
  • You’re doing electrical work, washing windows, or performing maintenance projects in hard-to-reach places
  • You have to travel over rough terrain
  • You need extra reach from the platform

Looking to rent an articulating boom lift for your next project? ACEC has you covered! Browse our listings to find the machine you need, or speak to our specialists!

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