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Category: Straight Boom Lifts

A straight boom lift (also called a telescopic or “stick” boom) has an arm that extends straight out from the base of the machine. Some models reach as high as 185 feet; the more common maximum range, however, is somewhere around 150 feet. In other words, straight boom lifts have incredible horizontal reach. This makes them ideal for areas with limited access, because they can extend to maximum reach at any angle.

You should consider renting or purchasing this type of boom lift if:

  • The terrain or obstacles prevent close access to the area
  • The worksite is rugged and you need maximum traction
  • You want to maximize productivity
  • Your project includes electrical work, window washing, painting, or something similar

Looking to rent a straight boom lift for your next project? ACEC has you covered! Browse our listings to find the machine you need, or speak to our specialists!

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